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Of the 15,000 Laravel applications upgraded by Shift, only 17% have tests.

I know we all want to test our applications, but we don't. So why aren't we testing?

1 We don't have the time.

2 We don't know how to start.

These are common answers which create real barriers to testing, but I can help break them down.

How will this help you write tests?

To overcome the barriers to testing I have paired Laravel Shift with this video course to get you writing tests so you can start feeling confident about your Laravel applications.

A new Test Generator Shift addresses the time barrier. This Shift will generate test cases for all of your controller actions as well as the create factories for all of your models.

This video course will address the where to start. It starts with zero tests and incrementally builds our testing skills to test more and more complex parts of a Laravel application.

What will we test?

Confident Laravel will test this very Laravel application you're using right now. What could be better?

You've used the site. You're familiar with its features. You don't have to write any code, which means you can focus on the writing tests.

We'll start with no tests. We'll write the first test together. We'll continue testing more complex parts of the application.

We'll stop once we're confident we've tested all the important behavior.

What will you learn?

With Confident Laravel you'll learn how to:

  • Configure and organize your tests
  • Send real requests to your application
  • Create factories for testing with models
  • Mock core Laravel components and custom classes
  • Test code which uses third-party services, like Stripe and Algolia
  • Write flexible tests which change with your code
  • Balance coverage with confidence to get the most from your tests

What are the videos?

Lesson 1: Start Testing

  1. Frame from It's about confidence video 01:34

    It's about confidence

  2. Frame from PHPUnit overview video 05:20

    PHPUnit overview

  3. Frame from HTTP Tests video 02:24

    HTTP Tests

  4. Frame from Organizing tests video 03:56

    Organizing tests

  5. Frame from Laravel Dusk video 06:07

    Laravel Dusk

  6. Frame from Generating tests video 04:09

    Generating tests

  7. Frame from Where to start video 01:50

    Where to start

  8. Frame from Summary video 01:50


Lesson 2: Testing Application Code

  1. Frame from Writing the first test video 07:16

    Writing the first test

  2. Frame from Setting up application data video 07:56

    Setting up application data

  3. Frame from Testing multiple paths video 04:10

    Testing multiple paths

  4. Frame from Dealing with authentication video 07:06

    Dealing with authentication

  5. Frame from Verifying the database video 03:59

    Verifying the database

  6. Frame from Handling form validation video 08:15

    Handling form validation

  7. Frame from Summary video 07:49


Lesson 3: Testing Integrations

  1. Frame from Understanding test doubles video 05:36

    Understanding test doubles

  2. Frame from Swapping Facades video 05:42

    Swapping Facades

  3. Frame from Faking shared Facades video 05:40

    Faking shared Facades

  4. Frame from Mocking your code video 04:04

    Mocking your code

  5. Frame from Pushing code to the boundary video 06:11

    Pushing code to the boundary

  6. Frame from Refactoring through tests video 06:23

    Refactoring through tests

  7. Frame from Using a real integration test video 09:40

    Using a real integration test

  8. Frame from Summary video 06:35


Lesson 4: Testing Additional Classes

  1. Frame from Unit testing validation video 04:42

    Unit testing validation

  2. Frame from Running a coverage report video 06:14

    Running a coverage report

  3. Frame from Testing Console Commands video 08:43

    Testing Console Commands

  4. Frame from Testing Events video 06:05

    Testing Events

  5. Frame from Testing Container Bindings video 02:21

    Testing Container Bindings

  6. Frame from Testing Models video 04:07

    Testing Models

  7. Frame from Testing Views video 16:21

    Testing Views

  8. Frame from Summary video 06:34


  9. Frame from Happy Testing video 01:31

    Happy Testing

What's included in the packages?

Video Course

All packages include access to the full video course broken into 4 lessons containing 32 videos total. That's nearly 3 hours of content.

Testing Tips

All packages also come with set of Testing Tips. Throughout the video course I mention dozens of tips for testing. I collected all these so you can easily reference them while testing.

Bonus Videos

The Master package includes 10 additional videos which demonstrate common tactics you'll use when testing everyday code.

Group Q&A Calls

The Master package also includes access to group calls. These are monthly, 20 minute live-streams where you can get specific testing questions answered as well as learn more testing strategies.

Which course package do you want?

  • Full access to the video course
  • Download the complete code for the Confident Laravel application
  • Collection of the Testing Tips
  • Forever-free updates to all materials
Buy Now $129
  • Full access to the video course
  • Download the complete code for the Confident Laravel application
  • Collection of the Testing Tips
  • Forever-free updates to all materials
  • Bonus videos detailing additional testing tactics
  • Access to group Q&A calls
Buy Now $199

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay with PayPal?

Sure. Just send payment to and I'll get your account set up.

Does this course still apply to the latest version of Laravel?

Yes. Fundamentally, the testing layer has not changed since Laravel 5.6. While this course builds an application using Laravel 5.8, all of the conventions still apply.

In addition, the Q&A calls and bonus videos cover some of the recently added test assertions, as well as using the new factories in Laravel 8. These specific videos are included with both of packages.

Can I get a discount if I purchasing for my students/team/company?

If you plan to purchase more than 5 packages, email me with your details for a discounted rate.

Can I preview some of the course videos before buying?

Sure thing. You can sign up to watch the Lesson 1 videos for free.

What if I can't make one of the group Q&A calls?

No worries. You can send me your questions ahead of time and I'll answer them during the call. You can watch the recording at your convenience.

What if I have another question?

Just email me. Unless I'm sleeping, you'll get a pretty snappy reply.